Wednesday, December 1, 2010

UNICEF is asking that instead of resorting to naff gifts that
clutter up the house, people SAY NO TO NAFF and give a gift that does
,” says Dennis McKinlay, UNICEF New Zealand Executive Director.

30 December 2010, Tuesday, 1-3am
Thanks to Nigel Koeh and Justin Fong for helping me to chalk the streets of Auckland for UNICEF's Say No To Naff till 3am. We've covered Symonds Street, K Road, Ponsonby Road, and Queen Street.

i saw that UNICEF NZ needed help to chalk the streets from their fb.
since i'm so free and unemployed, other than searching for jobs,
i wanted to do something meaningful.
(yes, someone please hire me!)
i e-mailed them and they sent me a package with the chalks and a letter.
and there i went out to the streets with the boys to do the chalking.
Get Good Stuff This Christmas! :)

With love,


Helen, UNICEF NZ said...

Wow Jade, I am in awe! This all looks fantastic! From UNICEF NZ, a big thank you!

Jade¬ said...

Thanks, Helen! :)
I'm more than happy to help!