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earthwise. are you wise?

Today in history | 30 March 2011, Wednesday
Very proud of my new flatmate, Azriel for operating the washing machine
for the first time in his life! 

And yes, our first time using earthwise.
10c will be donated to the  
if you purchase this product.

P/S: i love the packaging :)

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These shoes are made for walking

Auckland Part 2
Keep Walking

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blessed with boxes, food n a new flatmate

25 March 2011, Friday
Met Jacinta, my high school friend while our transit flights to KL were delayed in Penang International Airport. She was flying off to Bangalore for her studies. Spent an hour catching up with her! lol.
I was like whispering to myself, "should i call her or should i not? is she Jacinta or is she not?"
I decided to just try my luck... and yeah! i was right!
Was really glad to meet you, Jacinta.. after around 5 years!
That's why the 1 hour delay was not that bad after all.. lol.

26 March 2011, Saturday
Hock came and picked me up from the airport.
And helped me move a 'couple' of boxes to the new place.
But seems that my 'couple' of boxes turned into filling up his whole car!
He thinks that I've got more stuff than him, 
even though he's been here for 10 years and I'm just here for like 10 months or so.
Thank you, Hock! :)

27 March 2011, Sunday
My new flatmate, Azriel cooked dinner! :)
Was his 1st real Chinese home cook food since he came here.
Thank you, Azriel!

29 March 2011, Tuesday
Michal Martyniuk's gig at Rakinos with Azriel, Shwu Meei, and Chloe
Beer battered fish goujons with tartare and grilled lemon

 Sal's for dinner with the gang
saying our 'prayers' before every meal

With love,

a family thing

Grandaunt came back to Penang from Perth..
 16 March 2011, Wednesday
Dinner at Balik Pulau

18 March 2011, Friday
Mom and Amanda's birthday dinner

these people i miss~
With love,

CGL: 50 years of excellence

19 March 2011, Saturday
The CGL 50th Anniversary dinner just brings back good'ol memories.
Went there with my grandaunt, aunt, cousin and sister.
mom should have gone..but she was busy :( 
 my aunt, sis and cousin
my grandaunt's class of 69
 with Ms Gee, who gave me scholarship in high school.
Thanks again, Ms Gee! :)
 with Ms Teh and Pn Hooi
Pn Kang, Pn Pramot, Pn Hafizah and Pn Hooi
 with Sze Ming
sis with no-ruler-no-future teacher!  
Pn Gan and Ms Leong
sis with Pn Mok
with Melissa's sister, Madeline
 the girls with Pn Lim Li Li
Nicol David didn't manage to come for the event.. but she did a lil' clip for the school, as well as put her squash racquet up for auction.

class of 2006
the bunch with some teachers
us with Pn Lilian
 with Pn Su and Pn Lee
with Ms Gee and Mrs Oh
daughters and their mom
 mom's class, 4 Arts 1, class of 1976.
mom was sitting beside Sister Aidan Fitzgerald.
she was Sister Aidan's assistant in class! lol.
 kaypo from generation to generation.
i got it from my mom!

With love,