Saturday, December 31, 2011 2 comments

the journey of discovery continues...

With love,
Friday, December 23, 2011 0 comments

it was spring...

...when the flowers in the garden bloom and we had a BBQ!

With love,
Tuesday, December 20, 2011 2 comments

not where we thought we'd be.

around 9000 km.
far far away from home.
along came hock.
he created a huge change.
and so do i; made a shift in his life.

we've step into a passage,
not where we thought we'd be.
the light at the end of the tunnel is getting
brighter and brighter, day after day.

to the adventures,
to the ups and downs,
 to the unpredictable future,
to a journey worth travelling together,
i will always be there.
P/S: Hock, you are dearly missed and it's not funny!

With love,

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11 September 2011
Aussie- Italy
29 September 2011
Muriwai Beach
Thanks, @FlyAirNZ for the limited edition guide to a cosmopolitan #NZ! It's awesome! :)
*Another win through Twitter*
29 September 2011
The Cloud, Auckland CBD
21 October 2011
Cori Gonzalez Macuer presents Cori Gonzalez Macuer | Basement Theatre
 one of those days...
Won 2 tickets by nzgirl
Russian Ballet with Chin and her mom
breakfast at office
8 Nov 2011- my birthday pressies...
 the buddha at my office
my new office workspace

At hock's friend's wedding at Butterfly Creek
23 November 2011
 24 Nov 2011
Cafe hanoi

  27 Nov 2011

15 December 2011
...and the city cries for me
.Fear not.
can you smell it? christmas is just around the corner! :)
 With love,
Monday, December 19, 2011 0 comments

with the boyfriend, Hock

7 August 2011, Sunday
Sunday is love
- Viaduct
Opening of WynyardQuarter.
And my high school friend, Yoong came from Malaysia.:)

 21 August 2011, Sunday
- La Cigale French style Farmers Market @ Parnell
- Mt Victoria

Bay of Plenty
27 August 2011, Saturday
- L&P, Paeroa

- Karangahake
The Karangahake Gorge is on State Highway 2 between Paeroa and Waihi.

- Waihi Cornish Pumphouse

- Lunch

 - Waihi Beach
- Zeytin On The Strand for dinner
28 August 2011, Sunday
- Mt Maunganui

3 September 2011, Saturday
- Launch of Auckland Art Gallery

- Scrapbook Spring Marketday

with Hock, Chin, May Ling, Mei Hong

- Afra's for Eid

7 September 2011, Wednesday
- Britomart Country Club for dinner with Dipal, Afra, Dita and Hock


9 September 2011, Friday
Opening of the Rugby World Cup


11 September 2011, Sunday
- RWC: Italy vs Aussie with Hock, Kim, Nitin, Chin and friends.

8-10 October 2011
That peaceful lil' town, Tutukaka
Whangarei, Ngunguru, Tutukaka, Matapouri

 - Dinner at Schnappa Rock, Tutukaka


 Mi Casa art gallery

Matapouri.. one of the bays. was it Wolleys or Matapouri Bay? lol..

Whales Bay
 was watching one of the big match here.

 Whangarei Falls

8 December 2011, Thursday
My company's dinner.
1. Galbraiths
2. Dinner at O’Sarracino
3. Agents & Merchants
With love,