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my observation: 001

- a lady asking his son's opinion on a plate.
- a 40-something year old guy discovering the many tables on display.
- a mother resting while feeding her child.
- a young couple, holding hands... browsing through the kitchen section.
- another couple looking at the catalogue.
- kids (2 brothers and 4 sisters) checking out the different dining tables.
- a little girl explaining to her dad about the kid's chair in the kitchen.
- a boy in a MU shirt pushing the small trolley .
- a fella observing the technology behind how one of the kitchen cabinet is done.

10.10 · 10.12 · 7.59 · 10.09
· 11.00 · 10.47 · 10.09
DUGG-32cm wall clock

- 2 teenage boys imagining themselves using a computer while trying out a few tables and chairs.
- a family consisting of atuk, nek, mama, bang, dik sitting on different types of chairs while resting.

JOAKIM (Rm799)
i sat on both.
but i still prefer a comfy couch! keke..

- a dad sitting down on the bed to test the comfort.
- a girl standing in front of the mirror admiring herself.

- on tiptoes, 2 kids busy finding for their little toy friends.

- a young mother using TITTA DJUR (finger puppets) to tell her daughter stories.
- "When we came the other day, there were not so many people. Why is it there are so many people today?" a 60-something old lady complaining to her daughter.

cuz it's a Sunday noon at Ikea.
20th December 2009.

With love,
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i feel inspired

Jonathan Harris
Sep Kamvar

today i was inspired by them.
i really love their works.
and would love to do these stuff one day.

With love,
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roflmao. love this one.
it's gonna be 11.30pm and i'm going off to bed.
it's a damn good thing that is happening since ages ago.

With love,

in vain

no more reasons. good night.

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i headed south

20-24 Jan'10

+ thank you, KIJADE for taking me to the airport!

+ up in the air

+ reached johor and immediately drove up to malacca with Pearl and Vunfang to meet PAM! :)
there's the map i drew to pam's crib. lol XP i still got there in a piece!

+ round bandar bersejarah and had steamboat for dinner

+ lunch at BBQ chicken with Pearl and Amanda

+ ikea for breakfast with Pearl

+ Full House @ Jln Yap Kwan Seng, KL for lunch with Amanda, Alvina, and friends.
ok, the food is average! service SUCKS! imagine there's so many employees but they're like part of the deco...stood there. but ok, i'll just give thumbs up for deco. oh, and i dunno why there's lots of flies around. wth!

+ Sunway Lagoon with Pearl, Amanda and Alvina

+ Showered at Tower Hotel (Lisa's friend's sleepover party) we were mak tumpang's of the bathroom.. lol .thanks, lisa!

+ Pappa Rich for dinner with AZIAN and MICHELLE!

+ next day, lunch with Pearl, Amanda, Vincent and Siree at Ikea.

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will be back after the sun sets on sunday.

With love,



(click on pic to enlarge)

With love,

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a sacred communication.

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so i told you with a smile, it's all about you

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Old phones save lives


new born

strong. green.

my Krypton15 is here!

With love,
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reality check.

♪ Song #154: Moments by Westlife
1.05am · 10.01.10 · Sunday

on my super-single surrounded by my teddies.
in my room

[which i'll 'abandon' it starting next month for about 10 months. OMG! :( ]

Just came back from "Avatar" for the 2nd time.
This time, with my parents.

A 'Pocahontas', 'Howl's Moving Castle'-like kinda movie, which sends a message to us of the importance of unity
- with mankind, with nature.
or i'll just say,
a more creative and subtal way of what '2012' is reflecting.
or perhaps, James Cameron's initial plan was to make Al Gore the Avatar?
A Toruk Makto. A warrior. And the rider of the last shadow.
He's strong enough to fight for the betterment of mankind.
He had opened many eyes.

And i believe the 'Sky People' out there is damn bloody aware of the situation now.

Is it fascinating to find icebergs in Australia?
heavy snow disrupting daily activities in London and China?
the Tajikistan earthquake leaving 20,000 homeless?
or seeing the recent tsunami hitting Solomon Islands?

'Sky People' nowadays are each living in their own world of
'me, myself and I'.
As individuals in their very own dreams.
Even though technology has brought us closer, but it seems like we're moving further and further apart.
We become segregated.

Our mother nature needs our help yet we're still busy
burning down churches,
killing the innocents,
and sleeping with 11 other women while your loving wife is at home taking care of the kids?


When will this end? When will we be united as ONE?
Like what Black Eyed Peas had questioned all of us,
"Where is the Love?"

It's not a dream, 'Sky People'
You gotta wake up!
Nostradamus did not predict the end of the world.
He was always reminding 'Sky People' to be ready for things which i believe we say as ' what goes around, comes around'.

"We have tried to teach the Sky People.
It is hard to fill a cup that is already full."
- Mo'at (Avatar)

it's time for us to eat humble pie, 'Sky People'!

Thumbs up to "Avatar"!
A movie definitely worth watching, pondering and acting!
[P/S: my first movie review (sorta) i've ever made]

With love,

the reason

I believe that everything happens for a reason. People change so that you can learn to let go. Things go wrong so that you appreciate them when they’re right. You believe lies so you eventually learn to trust no one but yourself, and sometimes good things fall apart so better things can fall together.
- Marilyn Monroe
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Honda The Dream Comes True

♥ the concept.
♥ the storyline.

.believe in your dreams.

With love,

Say it's me that you'll adore...

You'll be glad to know that my demands are small.
that's all ♥

With love,
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back in line

If you wanna be somebody,
If you wanna go somewhere,
You better wake up and pay attention.
- Sister Act 2

I've been rotting and it's definitely a bad thing.

I'm gonna fix my batteries back on the clock,
I'm back, babeh!

With love,
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I think i forgot share this with you guys last year.
These 2 are IACT's very own in-campus magazines:

Our Project Facelift's news, my class's IMC-NTRC award thingy,
and a few of our 'last words' before we left college.

With love,
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lost my voice.

i think is a good thing, in a way.
i don't talk so much for once. (lol)
i listen.

happy new year!

With love,
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it's DECEMBER babeh!

it's the month of celebrations! :)

Out with the cousins...

Petaling St with Uncle Nelson + Aunty Katherine...

Mid Valley with Daphne and Yvonne...

Steamboat at Uncle Nelson + Aunty Katherine's crib...

KL (Pavilion and Starhill Gallery) with Teck, Andrew and Audrey...

Breakfast with Anita and Teck...

Curve with Khairy...

Maison with the gang (but wth can't bring my cam in)
pics from pam/jordan's cam. thx!

A Chinese custom- "The Extreme of Winter"

Dōngzhì Festival
(Chinese Winter Solstice)
- one of the most important festivals celebrated by the Chinese
- the Tangyuan/Soh Eee (glutinous rice balls) symbolizes reunion
- families pray to their ancestors on this day

Sleepover with the gals!
- Sakae Sushi with Kijade, Mel, Kitt Yeng,Su Ting, Ting En
- Mel's apartment for pictionary
- Mel's crib for wii, snakcs, gnome toss, uno
- supper/breakfast was junk, beer, juices

The xmas eve at family house...

Went bowling and arcade with
pearly, bryan, lucas and albert chek chek...

Xmas party for the disabled at Cheshire Home...

Qbay with the boys (sushi + Sherlock Holmes)...


the eve of new year for
Lions Club of GTM's charity countdown at Eastin

With love,