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a movie for the people, by the people

I love this clip of a little girl who climbs a human castle in the small town of San Jaume dels Domenys in the Spanish province of Tarragona.
Shot by Toniu Xou and Patricia Martinez del Hoyoa of Spain.

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talking about twitter...

it makes ordinary miracles?
i really think so.

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who says it's the last goodbye?

20 January 2011, Thursday
mt eden for sunset and burger fuel with Akbar
he said, "this will be your last sunset."
and i said, "no! i'll be back."
(and i think this is actually my first sunset up at mt eden)
 after dinner we saw something hock is deeply in love with. lol

21 January 2011, Friday
kampung style farewell with Akbar and Hock
we had the best nasi briyani in nz...
and yes, it's like for the whole kampung
for the first time in my life, i had nasi briyani..kampung style at the airport!
lol.. thank you, akbar and hock! :)
... goodbye auckland, i'll see you soon!

And here's the first sunset i saw in malaysia. 15mins before landing at KLIA.

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this made my day

1.33pm | 20 January 2011, Thursday
chloe just wrote on my wall.

it's one of the sweetest post ever posted on my wall.
thanks, chloe!

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covo at fort street

My friends and I referred to this place as our COVO
our meeting place, our safe heaven, our living room. 

as i still can't decide what to eat...
*a monologue*~ "pasta or pizza?"

the italian: take the pasta, it's fresh.
jade: so, your pizza is not fresh?
the italian: no no.. the pizza is from ...1960-something.

ended up i took their specialty.
can't remember the name but it has something to do with prawns.
According to Google translate, "covo" means,
1. den
2. lair
3. nest
4. haunt
5. earth

But according to us, it's a place for us to have our "LAST DINNER" *.
1. 19 January 2011, Wednesday
2. have a safe flight, Bryan.
3. have a safe flight, Jade. (roflmao)
anyway, the food at covo is delicious authentic italian. 
just that it's cook by a japanese who speaks japanese and italian.
but it's awesomo!
A MUST EAT is their chocolate souffle | $10  
it's  one of the best desserts i had in nz.

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simple yet powerful

one of the best print ad i've seen.
love this Heineken ad by TBWA\NEBOKO, Amsterdam, Netherland.
Creatives: Ivar van den Hove, Bert Kerkhof, Niels Bredemeijer

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sometimes you just wish you could help.
but you are in a position where you cannot do anything.

a family friend's daughter,
i think she's 7 years old.
she just fb chat with me.
(ok, kids nowadays have fb and all the latest technology in their hands)

she told me, 
"i am not happy"

and i asked her,
"why are you not happy? :("

she answered, 
"coz mami not go to penang."
(because mummy will not be going to penang 
- this chinese new year)

chinese new year;
a time where family members come together.
will not be the same for her.
how can you have your mom in one place and dad in another?
...when it is not because of jobs but egos.

not just during chinese new years,
but every other days.
screaming at each other,
instead of talking.
even though you have the gift of 'loudness',
there can never be a winner in this game.

i wonder why sometimes parents are just so plain selfish.
all they think of is just themselves.
what about their kids?
they have feelings too.

the question is,
"where is the love?"

*think about it*
With love,

this is it!

11.1.11, Tuesday
- Auckland Domain for some photos

- Went to support Hock and gang at the SUB Football
- Dinner with Hock and Kim
- Turkish Cafe with Reema, Ali1 and Ali2
- Drive around

Welly in a day
12 January 2011, Wednesday
Went to Wellington with Bryan to get our letter of good conduct signed!
weather was very gloomy that day :(

- Malaysian Embassy
- grabbed a damn good hot chocolate from Penthouse, Brooklyn

- TePapa Museum with Jen's cousin, Terry! :)
Thanks, Terry for the day! ♥
This Museum Hotel is a very unique hotel,
as the whole hotel has been literary relocated.

- had lunch at Parade Cafe

 - after that we were off to the airport!
we were too tired to go anywhere else. 
had only 3 hours of sleep the previous night 
and we ended up at the airport 2 hours before our flight
...sleeping (after this

14 January 2011, Friday
out with reema and the alis

15 January 2011, Saturday
reema's 22nd birthday dinner over denise's+js's place
 90% of the party was basically about

happy birthday, reema! 

16 January 2011, Sunday
viaduct + cornwall park with hock
 (my new sopersoft "hallie" by diana ferrari)

had Chinese in the city for lunch and Vietnamese in Panmure for dinner.
yup, my first time to silverpark too..
it was close but at least, i've been there ;p
here's the view from the top of Cornwall Park
(click on picture to enlarge)

thank you for bringing me around, hock!
really appreciate it! :)
With love,