Sunday, October 31, 2010 1 comments

Life's for Sharing

a flashmob for T-Mobile at Heathrow Terminal 5.
it's simply awesome!
it definitely had touched lives and i just love it :)

With love,

of colours and music

30 and 31 October 2010
Saturday and Sunday
Aotea Square

Festival of Lights
*for a minute i thought i was in india.
enjoyed the chat papri, mango lasi, music and bhangra!
With love,
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16 october 2010, 11.04pm | Withheld
i am still curious.
i wonder who called me.
just one call. not even a text after that.

ok, it’s been a week..but i’m still curious.
please call.

With love,
Saturday, October 23, 2010 1 comments

i breathe PSD

can you imagine your life without PSD?
I Have PSD from Hyperakt on Vimeo.

"I have PSD", an awesome powesome video
made with love by Hyperakt and friends.

With love,
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 Un rendez vous
an appointment.

company {Dior
director {Guy Ritchie}
main actor {Jude Law}
country {France}
love the creative direction.

...and oh! please make an appointment.

With love,

new. inspires.

Vodafone New Zealand
by Colenso BBDO, Auckland with production company Flying Fish
so, what's new today?

With love,

monos, me love

because it's an aura of elegance.

With love,
Monday, October 18, 2010 0 comments

it's DEGREES not gegrees!

I saw the competition in Debate by AUSM the other day.
Since i was online that time, i was like,
"hmm.. why not? i might get lucky!"
we're supposed to tweet,
"I'll use the 2degrees E5 router to..."
ok, i just realized that i have a spelling error in my tweet. roflmao.
2gegrees. oops! sorry, it's 2DEGREES! :)

and today i saw this on my Twitter! :)
WUUHUU! thanks AUSM and 2Degrees!

see! i'm fated to be connected and tell the world about the E5!
more updates on the E5 after my exams, through the E5
ok wish me luck for my exams now!

Thanks AUSM and 2degrees! :)

With love,
Friday, October 15, 2010 0 comments

SIFE AUT: Your Passport to Success!

(click on picture to enlarge)

15pt level 7 paper
SIFE AUT is now recruiting! 
E-mail us your CV:

YES! It's an opportunity not to be missed!
P/S: feel free to ask me any questions regarding SIFE AUT.

With love,


15 October 2010, Friday
5pm sharp

In support of The Hearing House 
 (an org to help children across NZ to hear and speak), 
Reema and her 4 friends from the AUT Communication school 
organized a flashmob where we froze for 5 minutes.
This is to give New Zealanders a chance to see what it’s like to be hearing impaired.

There were many great prizes given by their wonderful sponsors from :
- AJ Hackett Bungy Jump
- Club Physical Gym Memberships
- 10 week term of BodyForm Pilates
- Tapas & Drinks for 10 people at stk, Rydges Hotel
- Fullers Ferry return trips to Waiheke Island
- Oral B Electric toothbrushes
- Life Pharmacy Fragrance vouchers
- A Professional makeover
- Tui drink bottles

aha! i won the Oral B Electric toothbrush! :)
see! i've told you that i'm always lucky!

lol.. ok it ended with the grand finale of my butt in the video! ROFLMAO!

thanks everyone for coming to support! :)

With love,
Monday, October 11, 2010 0 comments

stay calm and get disconnected.

and i shall deactivate one of my main veins. 
ciao bella my dear fb.

quote to self:
“Discipline is remembering what you want."
-David Campbell

With love,
Wednesday, October 6, 2010 0 comments


Flying across continents. 
Climbing mountains. 
Swimming across the oceans. 

No matter what it takes, our crew may even dig graves 
to get hold of the latest information and opportunities 
to win over the game with you! 

It is an honour for us to go through 
the journey of discovery with you in making your brand shine!

At in.form we believe in bringing out the best in you!
our agency, in.form
consist of Amy, Alia, Olivia and Jade.
we 'pitched' for 'burger fuel' (as our 'imagery' client).
we suggested a repositioning of their brand. 

i had my advertising strategy final presentation.
it was awesome!
i feel that this was one of my best presentations.
our lecturer and everyone were really impressed with our work!

i really can say that what drives us is the
seriously, if you love what you're doing, 
and believe in every little piece of it,
you're the winner!

yes, it's all about the

P/S: again, i was inspired by Kevin Carroll's 
"Rules of the Red Rubber Ball"

With love,
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drink water, throw rubbish.

my current desktop wallpaper.
(click picture to enlarge)
wish me luck. 2 final major presentations next week! 
current fav: Tony Dize

With love,