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pure joy.

specially dedicated to my dad, mom and sis.

With love,

SIFE AUT: NZ National Competition

for winning the NZ National Competition 2010!
All the best in LA for the SIFE WORLD CUP in October!
WUUHUUU!! You guys deserve it! :D

17 July 2010, Saturday
KPMG, Viaduct, Auckland, NZ

With love,

the climb

14 July 2010, Wednesday
Auckland Harbour Cruise with the malaysian gang!
reema, kah heng, denise, jae shen, vivien, howard, 
bryan, jill, yvonne, may, vouis, joan

- Rangitoto Island
fuh! was a 45 minutes climb up to the peak of Rangitoto.
great view from up there :)

- Motuihe Island
barren island where we we at the beach.

- Devonport
for a fish n chips dinner

With love, 
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Guess where?- #2

click on each photo to find out! 

With love,
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 i feel like i'm dead but breathing.

With love,
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we were always meant to say goodbye

you know that i love you so, i love you enough to let you go.
i want you to move on so i'm already gone.

i'm already gone, already gone.

With love,
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Something A La Mode feat Karl Lagerfeld

J'adore cette vidéo

With love,
Saturday, July 10, 2010 0 comments's something beautiful

i really love this.
and i'm going to share it with you.

Your secret from Jean-Sebastien Monzani on Vimeo.

it inspires me.

With love,

fish to falls and rawr to lol

28 June 2010, Monday 
Potluck with Liyana, Alia, + Reema @ our crib
30 June 2010, Wednesday 
Mt Eden with Ali
*i didn't bring my tripod along :(  
(click to enlarge each panos)

1 July 2010, Thursday
Auckland Zoo 
with Justin, Jill, Bryan + Debbie

2 July 2010, Friday
Hunua Falls + Kaiaua Fisheries
roadtrip to the falls with ali 1, ali 2, cam, noor, hassan, reema

ok, ALI got his car keys locked in the car.
thank God a policeman happened to pass by...
and helped us :)

7 July 2010, Wednesday
Voyager New Zealand Maritime Museum
with Yv and Reema
lunch at The Mexican Cafe
coffee with Alia at No.1 Queen St Café and Bar
8 July 2010, Thursday
Roadtrip up north with Yv and Reema

- Langs Beach
(click photo to enlarge pano)
- Waipu Cove
 (click photo to enlarge pano)

- Ruakaka

- Whangarei Riverside + lunch at Mokaba

- Claphams National Clock Museum

- Whangarei falls
 (click photo to enlarge pano)

- Whangarei Lookout
with yv, reema, vouis
- KK, malaysian food @ Manukau Road
some sambal veggie, rendang chicken, marmite pork

- Circus @ mt eden for desserts

9 July 2010, Friday
The Meridian Season of Carmen by the Royal NZ Ballet
with Denise @ Aotea Centre 

With love,