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Thanks a Million!

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My dear friends and family,  
Thank you so much for all your support. 

With love,
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sorry, but i've got a new hobby

excuse me for that.
i know. i haven't been updating this blog.

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more than that

I didn't know that my Buttercup (my Canon 500D) can do more than that.
This was also the day I learnt about Depth of Field (DOF).

Photography by Sandesh Chandra Codhadu
Digital Compositor at CIRKUS productions

P/S: Thanks, Sandesh! :)
With love,

"Believe" is the word

I was selected by  New Zealand Educated 
as the International Student of the Year Finalist 
After 2 weeks of campaigning, here's why 1264 people voted for me...
In 2010, I was very fortunate to have received the Auckland University of Technology (AUT) Business School/IACT (Malaysia) Undergraduate Scholarship Award which enabled me to continue my studies in this enchanting country, New Zealand.

I came to this country with two missions. The first was to complete my tertiary education with honours within the year, which I duly did.  The second mission (a long-term mission), was to make this world a better place to live in. Personally, I believe that no matter which part of the world I may be, I can still make a change, a difference by touching people’s lives with hope. With this focus, I got myself involved in activities in, around and out of the campus.

While juggling a hectic schedule as a full time Year 3 Bachelor of Business student, majoring in Advertising and Marketing, I found time to be involved in numerous community projects. This has led me to join Students in Free Enterprise (SIFE) AUT. SIFE is a global, non-profit education organisation which aims to teach the values and principles of market economics through organising relationships between the business community and university students. 

I was involved in many SIFE projects, being part of the team which organized the SIFE New Zealand “Road to LA”, showcasing the final presentation to business leaders, academic leaders and student leaders of NZ before the SIFE AUT team represented NZ in Los Angeles in October 2010. I was also the Marketing Manager in SIFE AUT, where my team and I prepared and maintained marketing materials for SIFE AUT’s recruitment campaigns. I played an active part in organizing “Green Factor”, an interactive business sustainability seminar with John Banks, the Mayor of Auckland.

Taking photographs is a passion for me. I put my photography skills to good use when I was appointed the photographer of SIFE AUT to capture and document all SIFE AUT events from workshops for single mothers at Bethany Centre to workshops for improving financial literacy of high school students. Other milestone projects included partnering Project K to help provide young New Zealanders with “better lifestyle options” and the FairTrade Future to make AUT a FairTrade university. 
As a social media enthusiast, when I stumbled upon a tweet by Amnesty NZ asking for help to collect signatures last year, I raised my hands and volunteered to collect signatures for their project, “Stopping Violence against Women in the Pacific” during U2’s 360° Concert. Besides being one of the volunteers who collected the most signatures, this has opened my eyes to the importance of standing up for women in the Pacific region too. Additionally, I volunteered to chalk the streets of Auckland under UNICEF NZ’s “Say No to Naff” project during the 2010 Christmas season when I saw their tweet appealing for help.
Being proactive, I was one of the fifty Malaysian youths chosen to blog on issues and dilemmas faced by youths in the “Real Voices” Project by YouthSays Malaysia in 2009. With my love for photography, I was also able to capture a spectrum of pictorial images which depict the people, culture, ways of life and panaromic scenes around New Zealand since my arrival here. In this way, I was able to showcase life in New Zealand from a fresh perspective. Being able to highlight issues through my camera lens is one of the ways through which I hope to touch lives and at the same time promote New Zealand to my family and friends around the world.
Having been in New Zealand for only a year and two months, I’ve discovered that New Zealand is a beautiful country with much to offer in terms of her rich and diversified cultures, friendly people and breathtaking sceneries. I came to New Zealand as a manuhiri¹, but with an open heart and a mission to learn, to embrace as well as to adapt to an unknown culture, but yet determined to make a difference to the lives of the people I meet and may meet and to leave imprints in their hearts.

Today, I feel that New Zealand has taught me aroha² and support as I am treated as part of the whānau³. I have now positioned New Zealand as a taonga⁴ country from where I can reach out. It is my tūrangawaewae⁵, a place for me to stand, a place where I feel I belong and a place that has empowered me to dare make the difference in the lives of people I meet.
Thank you, New Zealand!
manuhiri¹  - visitor
aroha² - compassion, tenderness, sustaining love
whānau³ - family
taonga⁴ - treasured possessions
tūrangawaewae⁵ - a place to stand, a place to belong to, a seat or location of identity
Thanks everyone for all the votes and support.
Even though I am not the winner, you guys have put in all your effort in helping me.
Here's a song dedicated to all of you guys out there.

Thanks for standing by me and most importantly for believing in me.
With love,

where the wind blows

An Easter road trip up north with Hock, Kim and Chin.

23 April 2011, Saturday
Kawakawa, Gateway to the Bay of Islands

Famous for their Frederick Hundertwasser: public toilet
 Grabbed pies for lunch

We reached Cape Reinga after around 7 hours of drive.
Chin rock! She drove us all the time! :)
Yeah.. and we reached the lighthouse!

*click photo to enlarge*
Did lots of jumps!

Here's also where Pacific Ocean and Tasman Sea meets.
*click photo to enlarge*

Checked in at Falls Motel
Bought our fried rice take away on the way back.
24 April 2011, Sunday
Waitangi Treaty Grounds and Treaty House
Vinnie's fisn n' chips for lunch! :)
Kayaking: Haruru Falls (means 'big nose'),
also believe there's 'taniwha' (water monster) living below lagoon.
 The guys went for a swim after kayaking..
Makana Confections
The Stone Store + Kemp House: NZ's oldest building
 Dinner at La Scaletta
25 April 2011, Monday
We took the ferry over to Russell
The bullies!

Reached Russell's look out point
 Went to Russell town
There was an Anzac Day mini ceremony
at Christ Church: NZ's oldest church

Went around the little town...

The York Street Cafe for brunch.
Awesome food!
Highly recommended :)

 I had lots and lots of fun with this 3 peeps!
Thanks Hock, Kim and Chin for this AWESOME POWSOME trip!
*Btw, this post is dedicated to the possum from the road kill. RIP.*
With love,