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4 days back in penang

read my SCORPIO.
this was 12 June 2009, friday.
the day i went back to penang.
after all the assignments and everything.
college is done.

ok. back in penang...4 days.
went for lunch with ariadne at kissA Koyotei cafe.

went for Blood after that at Gurney.

went to school with pearl and shea ling on monday.
had our pak din's roti canai with egg, cheese and sausage.

had tranch at starbucks, queensbay.

at home, i cleared my stuff...
and i broke my photo frame. :(

lots to clear up still.
will continue my spring cleaning later.

With love,


did. done. u missed the fun.

...not the bun.
it was the run.


introducing the one and only
bakery lounge of the day...

Loaf Loft

Visual Comm 2 final assignment.
jade. mich. teck. ching. hanif.
lecturer: ms queenie
8 june 2009

we did packaging designs for our bakery.
...and we came out with the whole vintage/classic concept.
Enjoy more photos here.

that's our final assignment!

next day, tuesday...we went to the ZOO!
with ek, teck, joshua, albert, ean and jon.

after that, went to college to hand up sketch book.
meet azian. had tea at sushi zanmai.

next, dinner with Ben and Myra at *ahem*..sushi zanmai. lol?
lepak around after that..scribble...

dedicated to my lovelies...

and we went for brownies at delicious.
thanks, myra!

ok, next day...wednesday...
went for paintball and go-kart with the gang!
pam, ek, teck, ding, josh, bryan, ching, ean, albert, joe.

lunch at A&W! long didn't eat there dy. :)

aha! won the boys in the 1st round.

next go-kart spin and got 3rd. LOL!

saw the bruises coming up everywhere on my way back.

see more pics in pam's blog.
(i was too busy playing n not many photos taken)

OH, guess what?
luck was on my side again....
With my Renu, i went to Guardian to exchange
for a scoop Haagen-dazs.
Haagen-dazs gave me a "SMS and Win" card.
i joined.
and i won these L'Occitane products!

drove back penang on friday.
4 days here.
took bus back pj on tuesday.
off to camerons on wednesday.
back to pj on friday.
back to penang on tuesday.

With love,
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south, i come.

going down south in a few hours time.
will be back on sunday.

With love,
Friday, June 26, 2009 2 comments

GLOW day out

20 June 2009.
saturday. one day after camerons.

Kenny Rogers for lunch with Glow inc.

mich got us these...

LOVE YA, mich! :) it very much.

next, Glow babes went for Hannah Montana.
i really love the movie.
my first time watching hannah montana.

i love this song very much.
and i dedicate this song to my Glow babes.

With love,
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back + forth

hazelnut chipsmore.
a hot cup of tea.
plugged-in the ipod.
look out at the clouds...with a notebook in my hand.

she's back home.

been traveling north-south-north-south weekly.
almost totally forgot about my blog. (lol?)
:) blog to be updated soon.

With love,
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my dear friends, 
please help VOTE for my friend, Pearlyn.
she's one of THE FINALISTS of 
Most Wanted ruumate 2009.

common, be part of history and start voting!  
P/S: Vote 3 times a day to be part of the 
future's most wanted ruumate 2009, perhaps?

Thanks A Million.

With love,
Monday, June 1, 2009 2 comments


sums it all.

my all time favourite ad,
The Pursuit Of Perfection.

With love,