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truth hurts, lies worse.

Broken Strings

been finding for this song for a long time
and heard it yesterday.
love it.

With love,
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one for Yasmin.


to my idol.
for making one of my dreams came true...
to meet you one day.

and that was at
Leo Burnett & Arc Worldwide Cannes Predictions 2007.
Yasmin with Michelle and I

*may you rest in peace*

With love,

who's your MOMMA?

dedicated to all mothers in the world,
especially my mom.

bet you'll love it!

With love,
Thursday, July 23, 2009 3 comments

joy to the world...

AHA! Slice of life!
i really like this Heineken ad :)

With love,
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like these...

click on pictures to kill the curious cat *winks*

my favourite game

Thanks, Kenneth for introducing me this game!


Yes! they are human.
like you and i.
Would you be part of it?

been to Grand Canyon?
i've not.
but just did.

what do you think of these ads/campaigns?

With love,
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With love,

they long to be.

why do birds suddenly appear?
why do stars fall down from the sky?

just like me.

but suddenly i see.
this is what i wanna be.
why the hell it means so much to me.


now, i'm living this moment.
i'm loving every second of it.
Dear God,
thank you for another day.

With love,

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can you smell it?

With love,
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21st Century- Through My Lens.

my eyes and my camera.

Growing Up in the 21st Century, in different parts of the world, having different perspectives on things. Limitations and advantages are part and parcel of us...boys and girls. Stereo typing's another problem.

Through my 3 photos in the photo contest by Plan UK and Shoot Experience, I share what girls in India are today.

In India, there are many girls who do not
have the opportunity to study.
With no education, the girls face discrimination everyday.
When will the get the opportunity to
Live. Laugh. Learn. Love?

I really hope that the society can be more equal and they do not stereotype girls as the weaker group. And that they are given the chance to Live. to Laugh. to Learn. and to Love.

Let my photos speak...

Because I'm a girl.
There's no difference between a girl and a boy.
I can live. I can laugh. I can learn. I can love. For I am a girl.

What's holding me back?
My future in my hands today?

What could I be?
Mom's Pride.

Click on my photos to RATE them.
Thanks a bunch!

With love,
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edited some Bali photos yesterday.
With love,

of robes, red ribbons and smiles...

(click to enlarged photos)
click here for more photos of the day.

4th July 2009.
Saujana Resort, KL.
IACT Convocation.

the air was filled with smiles and laughter.
photographers were busy.
people busy congratulating each othere.

one by one, went up stage.
feeling proud of themselves.
parents sitting down there, looking at their kids...
all grown up. graduated.

my parents came from penang that day, with my nanny.
my sis she came from johore.
when i were to about to enter the hall,
there's not a sight of them.
i feft sad.
but when it's my turn to go up there,
i saw all of them.
i smiled.
and i told myself...
"They're always there for me when i needed them.
Thank you, Dad.
Thank you, Mom.
Thank you, Pearl che.
Thank you, aunty."

With many thanks to Star Publications (M) Bhd
for giving me the Star Scholarship to finish up my diploma.

Jedi was with me on that day. :)
My aunt got me flowers and wrapped it together with Jedi.

yes, i've graduated...
but this is my first.

more to come.

With love,
Monday, July 6, 2009 3 comments's time to let this go

she was happy sitting down.
doing nothing.

smiling while looking at them
playin', drinkin', talkin', and chillin' last night.

it made me smile but i teared inside.

there's so many things we need to let go.

the people who comes in our lives.
will need to go one day.
the girl who smiled but teared inside
knew that she's not gonna see all of them so often,
therefore she chose to just sit and stare.

my dear mich, azian, pam, joe,
anita, yv, ching, teck, ek, josh, alwi,
ding, albert, nicky, jordan, weijun, andrew, jon
and all IAA65/66 peeps,
i'm so gonna miss you guys.

sorry if i were to hurt you.
thank you if you were to say you're welcome. :)

the environment we're in.
will need to change one day.
now. back in penang.
was here 2 years ago.
time passes. the environment changed.
i was there.
but now, i'm back.
(first time feeling sad when i come back home)
the question remains, "WHY?"

the things we own.
will not be ours one day.
half an hour ago, i almost gave up.
and i thought there goes my precious convo photos.
gotta leave it and let it go...
but a saviour appeared and saved my life
(yes! my life! was very sad since saturday when i saw the memory card error)
thanks, ek! :)

it's all attachment.
can we let all of these go?

With love,
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Corntoz Ranger to the rescue!

Ryan + U-Jinn are back again with their new video for Corntoz.
Please VOTE for them!
thank you.

go vote, vote, vote.
can vote as many times as you can.
and i know you can! :D

VOTE here.

With love,