Sunday, December 19, 2010


my last day sitting here.

10 months of being a 'reality tv superstar'.
to the very responsive audience... 
for the 'cat calls' and the 'cheers', thank you.
to the friends i met, it's been a pleasure. 

to the landmark of Auckland, you've been an inspiration.
yes, the sky tower!
(but sadly.. on my last day here, it's too cloudy and i can't see the tower)

to my favourite spot to online and do my readings,
thanks..i've made it.
i wore my robes and threw my mortarboard 3 days back.

to the smoke alarm, 
thanks for telling the world that i am cooking.
to the comfortable brown couch,
you know that everyone loves you.

goodbye, my volt 207.
you will be dearly miss. 

*rain continues*
With love,