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 june: make believe

7 June 2011, Tuesday
Started my first job at Shore Mariner.
 And yes, I'm the Sales & Marketing Assistant now.

11 June 2011, Saturday
Auckland Art & Craft Fair
16 July 2011, Saturday
SIFE NZ Nationals
- SIFE Waikato
- SIFE Massey University

Congratulations to SIFE Waikato! :)
They represent NZ to the SIFE Worldcup in Malaysia.
 We all went for an after party after the event and here's my favourite photo of the day. 

 8-12 August 2011, Monday- Friday
Went down to Palmy for Foodstuffs trade show with Shore Mariner.
We won the Best Display under the Seafood category! :)
I was basically the chef at our booth.
Cooked our new products;
Alaskan Fish Pollock & Prawn Twisters


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food+arts = an excellen blend of love

Here's the place where you can find fruits and vegetables to delicious home baking and Italian-style sausages, divine organic chocolate, fine wines and boutique olive oils, locally-brewed beer, the all-important morning coffee and live music as an accompaniment!
I was there with Hock and his family on 5th November 2011.

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Westfield Style Pasifika 2011

18 October 2011, Tuesday
Westfield Style Pasifika 2011

Best of Pasifika New Zealand has been selected as a key event for the REAL New Zealand Festival, a nationwide celebration of all the things we love most about New Zealand.

*Won two free ticekts from Auckland Tourism* Thanks! :)

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