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twenty eight december

sometimes it’s just scary to face this world alone. 

{but you got to}

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simply brilliant ads!

smart, ay?
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it didn't kill the cat, but me!

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lights of christmas

lights of christmas from Jade Lim on Vimeo.
Wishing you the light of courage, peace, joy & love this Christmas.

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sweet as, grads!

The roots of education are bitter, but the fruit is sweet.

AUT Summer Graduation
16 December 2010 | Thursday | Aotea Centre

Congratulations to all my mates who have made it together with me in AUT.
My dear Reema, Alia, Justin, Bryan, Jill, Keith, Vivien, Wei Jun, congrats...
we made it!
Bachelor of Business, Majoring in Advertising and Marketing
Alia Ibrahim, Bryan Teng, Jade Lim, Jill Wong, Justin Tham,
Keith Columbus, Vivien Toh and Wei Jun

Bachelor of Communications, Majoring in Public Relations
Reema Bhullar
The day started off with the procession.
 We gathered at Albert Park; 
walked from Princes Street, Bowen Ave, Victoria Street East, 
and up Queen Street to the Aotea Centre.

Weather was bad..it rained.
But it's ok..we had our mortarboards on.
(which we should not wear them yet..until after the ceremony)
But we didn't have our umbrellas with us, so that's our saviour!
(ok, take note.. i never own an umbrella before, i usually run under the rain)

As usual, we did our 'thing'..
shooting each other, and ourselves.

Even though the weather was bad, 
the air around was filled with smiles and happiness!
No one complained about the rain, 
instead everyone shared the joy of graduating together!
Wuhuu! Chloe and Danielle graduated the same day as me!
 mom specially made this bouquet with the graduation bear
it's my turn to go up...
kinda nervous and excited at the same time.
my family was sitting on the 2nd row from the front.
just beside me when i wanted to go up the stage
 Thanks a million, Mark and Helene for everything!
Without you guys, SIFE AUT won't be possible.
Thanks for the support!!! You guys rock! :)
thank you and congrats to us! :)
no matter what, we'll always be a team!
 thanks for your support, Christina!
and to Chantelle, congratz!
Congratz, Anand!
We did great for our project for SIFE AUT! :)
common, every celebration is not complete without food!
and so, my family went to Stables for lunch with Alia's family.

 YES, to my daddy, mummy and sister,
THANK YOU for always being there for me!
No matter how far the distance, 
you guys are always here with me.

*thanks to my sis, Pearly who was my official photographer on that day! :)

With love,