Tuesday, December 30, 2008 0 comments

food brings us together!

1. had dinner with my family at Euro Deli the other day...
and while waiting..i did some colouring...
and...*tada* here's my masterpiece! XD

2. Jee Kuan's back from Aussie!!!
lepak awhile...at Taipan there.

3. my lonely dinner. no wait. my DINNER ALONE.
was fun! time alone sometime... =)
food brings myself together? lol..yea~

4. met Mike at Ikea..had ice cream
had some chit chat and some catch up.

5. Ben just loves Japanese since that day.
so had Sake Sushi with him and Myra.
and after that...some coffee at 1U.

With love,
Monday, December 29, 2008 0 comments

X'Mas lunch for the kids!

We... Claudine, Belle and I

went to help their aunt for a party for these kids at Rumah Juara Glad Tidings.

A christmas lunch for them!
They were very happy..with the food, games, songs, and the clown...and us there..of cuz... (LOL! jkjk) anwyways...here's some photos...

before we went there...we had a detour to buy some drinks.

...and urmm..we went to the playground first.
SWING was damn fun!

...and we practise the christmas songs before we teach teach them.

Belle and I.

Claudine and I.

The KIDS!!!

that's the cheeky Aaron! XP

...and they sang
"Santa Claus Is Coming To Town"
"We Wish You A Merry Christmas"

ok...after that, we went to 1U!
we makan and went to the iPod and Mac Discovery Week!

ok...ONE DAY..i'll be driving this car! XD

With love,

abit from here and there...

1. Star Walk....
my family's annual affair!
i went back on Saturday cuz the walk is on an early Sunday morning.
just for the sake of that 10KM walk!
and after the walk, that afternoon, my family zoooooooom to KL. cuz i hv work on Monday! XS

2. Our MAGICAL Christmas Story at 1U

3. GLOW babes ReUNITE!
SasssyAzian, BubblyMich, JazzyPam and me, Jadeylicious
met for dinner at The Curve.

With love,