Sunday, February 27, 2011 5 comments

oh! i designed these?

I think I did not post these 2 designs of mine before.
Both of them are my college works during Visual Communication in 2009.

The first is a product illustration. I drawed "Flower by Kenzo". 
This was a class work on 'blending' colours using Illustrator.
The bottom is an A1 typography piece of Hilary Duff. 
The whole piece was filled with Hilary's lyrics.
It took me around a month to complete it.
Oh, gawd! Please don't remind me of the sleepless nights to complete this. lol.

But I'm proud with my works!
I'm not too sure if I still remember how to do all these. hmm...

With love,
Saturday, February 26, 2011 0 comments

sawadee ka

23 and 24 February 2011, Wednesday and Thursday
Hatyai with Melissa, Kijade and Karen

eat. shop. pray.
shop. eat. play.
 fried noodles
OOOh Chien (Fried eggs with oyster)
Char Tang Hoon (Fried Vermicelli)
 McD Ovaltine Float!
 some mini yogurt fruit drink
they were laughing their asses off when they said that i've brought them to the wrong beef noodle shop. (which actually turned out to be the right shop, just that it's close at night)
HMMP! ;p
 fish porridge
 koay teow noodle soup
see koh th'ng
 Guess what's this?
*can be eaten*
watched Power Rangers  
 celebrated Melissa's early 22nd

 next morning, we had breakfast in the hotel and off we went to the temple
 oh yea, i had the famous beef noodle without beef.
 had swenson's for tea :)
With love,