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Sound Of Music

okay, here's another one...
A MUST watch every holiday...kekeke

With love,

My Fair Lady

*one of my favourite classics*
-almost every other holiday i'll watch it-
nice, you should watch it!

Wouldn't It Be Loverly?

The Rain In Spain

I Could Have Danced All Night

Show Me

Without You

With love,


FLY on land?

Need a ride back from Penang to KL or KL to Singapore...or vice versa?
Take Aeroline, the best bus service you can find to reach your destinations.

You'll get:
-a bottle of mineral water
-pillow (eh, cannot take back
-blanket (this also can't)
-breakfast (Subway) or dinner (chicken rice)
-coffee or tea

What can you find in th bus:
-single or double chairs (comfortable)
-friendly crews
-newspapers and magazines (PC, Sports, Fashion, etc...)
-HA! nice movies.
-the lower deck got table and plugs....and nice comfy chairs.

For RM55, it's definately worth your bucks.

Recommended by me.
And now, with the Aeroline Card, you can enjoy more discounts and privilages...

With love,

myEYEs. my LENSE.

here's what i did that day.
[Photography for Amateurs II]

21.11.07 (Wed) 8am - 3pm
8am - 9am Depart from IACT to Putrajaya.
9am - 12pm Outdoor shooting - Landscape, architecture, close-up..........(around Putrajaya)
12pm - 1pm Lunch @ McD Alamanda.
1pm - 3pm Outdoor shooting - Landscape, architecture, close-up.........(at Taman Botani)
3pm - 4pm Depart from Putrajaya to IACT.

23.11.07 (Fri) 9am - 3pm
9am - 12pm Review & Comment on our outdoor photos
12pm - 1pm Lunch (own)
1pm - 3pm Lecturing & Q&A

Shots took= 492
1. Hardip (Trainer) * Car 1
2. Mr Cheah (outsider)
3. Tan Meng Yoe * Car 2
4. Dennis * Car 3
5. Joanna
6. Lily
7. Christine
8. Mr.Lee (IACT's principal)
9. Jade - Creactive
10.Felicia - Creactive

P/S: Thanks to Creactive, Felicia and I got to attend this workshop. YAYNESS!

***i'll have some photos up, don't worry***
With love,

feeling green?

[the green screen in PS]

*copy-im just being me; Nah!i'm feeling dirty...that's the recycle bin!*

1. without clock. 2. with clock.

*myDesktop- when i'm feeling green!*

Moral of the story: Make full use of the simple things around you. Thank you.
With love,
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i did IT my way~

*click on the pictures to have a closer view on all my photos*

what can i say about all the photos there...WOW!
superb photos taken by peeps under the age of 18.
[ YoungPhotographerOfTheYear ]

At first I was scared, I didn't want to try, I dare not...
...butI just ask myself ONE question...

i asked myself,
Why Not?

what's stopping me? nothing.

so, I DID it! i just harm done.

that's the story.
With love,
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The BIG, FAT word;

do what you like, like what you do!

passion [ˈpӕʃən] noun
very strong feeling, especially of anger or love

Arabic: عاطِفَه، هَوى ، إنْفِعال
Chinese (Simplified): 激情
Chinese (Traditional): 激情
Czech: vášeň
Danish: lidenskab; passion
Dutch: hartstocht
Estonian: kirg
Finnish: intohimo
French: passion
German: die Leidenschaft
Greek: πάθος
Hungarian: szenvedély
Icelandic: ástríða
Indonesian: nafsu
Japanese: 情熱
Korean: 열정
Latvian: aizrautība; kaisle; milzīga vēlme
Lithuanian: aistra, potraukis
Norwegian: lidenskap
Polish: namiętność, pasja
Portuguese (Brazil): paixão
Portuguese (Portugal): paixão
Romanian: pa­si­une
Russian: страсть
Slovak: vášeň
Slovenian: strast
Spanish: pasión
Swedish: passion, lidelse
Turkish: tutku, ihtiras

With love,

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Stop Motion Drums and Piano

Check it out! Damn CHUN!

With love,

HIs Eye Is On The Sparrow


check it out in my play list. damn nice song!

With love,
Friday, November 16, 2007 3 comments

can i live without it?

everyday i need it.
at least one.

When my friend saw this picture as my dp.

YELLOW says:
still with ur green bubble gums
YELLOW says:
always bubble gum nia

(YELLOW=a friend of mine since F1)

With love,

Creactive peeps!

-the First in Malaysia Student Ad Agency-
Who are we?
Check us out at Creactive.

(sry not very nice

With love,


my SMALL/ MEDIUM/ LARGE birthday cakes!

thanks Yee Wen for the SMALL one from D'lish.
thanks Creactive for the MEDIUM one from King's Confectionery.
thanks IAA66 for the LARGE one from Secret Recipe.

With love,


THANKS Creactive for the cake!

With love,
Wednesday, November 14, 2007 2 comments


IACT's GREEN DAY by Student Council.

wow...everyone is so green today!

Best dressed:
Guy- Mike

Gal- Riana

Overall- KAK!

yea..i played their game for 50cents. lol.
the game is throwing 3 bottle caps into the cans.
WAH! see i stand so far....i got one in! YAY!
and i won some special thing..a mini sample of a facial wash!LOL.

With love,
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okay...i'm just wasting my time.

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With love,
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and there goes another day...and another...and another.

Thank you IAA66...for the cake.
although it's kinda disaster on one's ok! thanks!

myBirthday :D
went out with yee wen to theGardens.
What's my 1st time on myDAY was driving other ppl's car and driving with
as usual...
makan @ Piccolo Mondo. Had my marinara...and the chef forgot to put the he took it for me after
makan @ D'lish. Yee Wen got me a cake. :D YAY! thanks. cakes in D'lish is DELICIOUS!
(yea, the pic of toilet is the Isetan toilet where u have to pay 5 bucks to get in or if not...u gotta have the member's card...FOC)
another thing i wanna add for The Gardens is the ppl working there are all very polite...they greet everyone! :D GOOD JOB! the question now is...can they maintain or imporve their services?

10 NOVEMBER 2007

morning meet Mich @ 10.30am at McD.
+rain stopped+
went to college...on the way there stopped at Secret Recipe to get some bottles and after that to Starbucks to get some cardboards ...for the GreenDAY this Wednesday by the Student Council.
ok...after that went to college. drop the stuff.
walked..then masuk the language school to ask about the course and fun la..
then, to the ballet school down the road..yea, we both did the same thing...ask if we can still join ballet

then to Cat's Whiskers and to the Village Park to makan...
couldn't cross to the petrol station after makan..
waited awhile...then ok..went across..and waited for Aunty Mary to the LRT station.

took LRT to KLCC for Chichago The Musical.

After that, went to KFC, had Wrapz ..shared with Mich.

and..YAY! my sista is here!

went for dinner with her at that Japanese restaurant at Jalan Yap Kwan Seng...oh shit! forgot the name...anyways...yucks! not nice la the food...damn dissapointed with the food there. =(

ok nvm..went back..
online and stuff।

11 NOVEMBER 2007
breakfast at Old Town with sis..and tapao back too (lunch).

came back did some stuff..and went to her uni's library while waiting for Joe and U-jinn.

they came..and we went to Menara KL... OMG! it was raining!...alamak..Joe wanted to take some photos for his assignment la..then ALAMAK betul...raining ler...

after that they dropped me back and blah balh..then went for dinner with sis and her friend.

dinner-salmon with dunno wut sauce hal.tido.

12 NOVEMBER 2007
woke up and went to the printer shop...whoa we reached there at around 8.30am.
and sista wanna print her A1 8 drawings...COLOUR damn long...she so damn stress...and so do
((((((yea, saw a dustbin kena burn...but luckly the printer guy came out and take the whole baldi to padamkan the flame)))LOL

half way....we went makan breakfast..ate wan than mee....and milo ice...
still not done the printing...
*Poof** TNB buat hal...:S
so...aiyoyo...her printing half way..stopped!

then waited till 11 like that.
RUSHED to her uni to pin up all..
then RUSH to my col

WHOA! i thought i'll be late...but hmm..guess i was the earliest. lol.

then today class till 1.30pm...
so slowly had lunch ..borek-borek...
and took bus back at 3.30. on the way..McD RM1.05 ice cream.

then..mandi all..then on9 lo.

With love,