Monday, February 14, 2011

กิน + อธิษฐาน = ความรัก

(Kin + xṭhis̄ʹṭ̄hān = khwām rạk)
eat + pray = love

24 hours in South Thailand [Hat Yai-Songkhla]
4-5 February 2011, Friday-Saturday
2nd + 3rd days of CNY

 Kluay Buad Chee
(Banana In Coconut Milk)
 had breakfast at the market the next day.

 went to some temple.
 ...and another temple...

and yes! lunch!
i have no chance to take any pictures of the food during lunch. 
we were all hungry people.
only left was the leaves and spices. lol.
saw some naked kids playing in the river.
gawd! the water was dirty but i guess they had lots of fun!

 after lunch, dad's friend wanted to view some house.
the owner didn't reach yet.. so yea,
i was 'caught' trespassing (in the shot).
later, the owner came with her keys! 
next, we went to the Wat Thung Wang Nok.

and yea, i will never leave thailand without eating my pulut mango and durian.

With love,