Tuesday, January 18, 2011

this is it!

11.1.11, Tuesday
- Auckland Domain for some photos

- Went to support Hock and gang at the SUB Football
- Dinner with Hock and Kim
- Turkish Cafe with Reema, Ali1 and Ali2
- Drive around

Welly in a day
12 January 2011, Wednesday
Went to Wellington with Bryan to get our letter of good conduct signed!
weather was very gloomy that day :(

- Malaysian Embassy
- grabbed a damn good hot chocolate from Penthouse, Brooklyn

- TePapa Museum with Jen's cousin, Terry! :)
Thanks, Terry for the day! ♥
This Museum Hotel is a very unique hotel,
as the whole hotel has been literary relocated.

- had lunch at Parade Cafe

 - after that we were off to the airport!
we were too tired to go anywhere else. 
had only 3 hours of sleep the previous night 
and we ended up at the airport 2 hours before our flight
...sleeping (after this picture..lol).

14 January 2011, Friday
out with reema and the alis

15 January 2011, Saturday
reema's 22nd birthday dinner over denise's+js's place
 90% of the party was basically about PS3...lol.

happy birthday, reema! 

16 January 2011, Sunday
viaduct + cornwall park with hock
 (my new sopersoft "hallie" by diana ferrari)

had Chinese in the city for lunch and Vietnamese in Panmure for dinner.
yup, my first time to silverpark too..
it was close but at least, i've been there ;p
here's the view from the top of Cornwall Park
(click on picture to enlarge)

thank you for bringing me around, hock!
really appreciate it! :)
With love,