Tuesday, January 18, 2011


sometimes you just wish you could help.
but you are in a position where you cannot do anything.

a family friend's daughter,
i think she's 7 years old.
she just fb chat with me.
(ok, kids nowadays have fb and all the latest technology in their hands)

she told me, 
"i am not happy"

and i asked her,
"why are you not happy? :("

she answered, 
"coz mami not go to penang."
(because mummy will not be going to penang 
- this chinese new year)

chinese new year;
a time where family members come together.
will not be the same for her.
how can you have your mom in one place and dad in another?
...when it is not because of jobs but egos.

not just during chinese new years,
but every other days.
screaming at each other,
instead of talking.
even though you have the gift of 'loudness',
there can never be a winner in this game.

i wonder why sometimes parents are just so plain selfish.
all they think of is just themselves.
what about their kids?
they have feelings too.

the question is,
"where is the love?"

*think about it*
With love,