Monday, February 11, 2008

Mitsubishi and ME!

Mitsubishi Impression-Gallery [+]

Grand Prix winners of ASIA with the wheel we drew.

Makihiko Kumekawa came to Penang, Malaysia to interview me on the Grand Prix award for the Monthly Mitsubishi (September 2004 issue). LOL... Cover Girl!-
He is a professional photojournalist who was appointed to interview all the Asian winners.
Yupe! He travels around! and I LOVE HIS JOB!
He is my inspirator!
His photos are AWESOME!
I remembered him bringing his SLR, all his lenses and his camera tools....and oh ya! HIS FLIMS!!! For just a 2 page article on me, myArt, myFamily, mySchool, myLife and myPenang, he took around 15 rolls of flims!
(at that time I was like OMG!!! damn a lot la!!!)
WHOA! damn hebat la!
That day, in school, I was like a *celebrity*...(lol...true~) That day pula, I dunno why but I was like super busy with other stuff, had to finish my kerja kayu then he came and took photos just look at the photos... I look damn messy... ;p
+on the cover, beside me is my best friend, Chiew Nyen. I pulled her in front if not everyone wants to stand beside me wants to be in the photo...LOL!

OK, about the 'wheel' we drew, both Nasreen (Brunei winner) and I combine a drawing. We drew a globe like tree with people around it. :D
The word "Apa Khabar?" was written in 2002 when I was at the Mitsubishi Festival of Asian Children Arts in Japan. (everyone had to write their own greetings)

Another thing which Maki told me was,
"There's always a reason to meet the person you're meeting."
~something like that la~

Thank You MAKI!

With love,


Jamie Lioh said...

wow. i didn't know this. i m soooooooo impressed. what is the whole competition about? drawing contest?

Jade said...

yeah! it's a drawing competition for children under the age of 12. We gotta draw 5 drawings of our daily lives...and explain them it's called Enikki- which means diary.

Yeah! then they have a few rounds la... 1st round-statem then- country
So i represented Malaysia. Every country has a Grand Prix winner eh...then we meet in Japan for the prize presentation ceremony and tour around Japan lo!