Tuesday, January 22, 2008

kangaroos... koala bears...where m I?

yupe, you got it right!

went to Aussie with my family during my college break from 18-30December 2007.

ok, here goes...

Depart: 1915 Kuala Lumpur
Arrive: 0610 Sydney

- Uncle Brendon picked us up at the airport.
- Meet Ee Poh at the Waldorf Apartments.
- Start walking... round the city, Darling Harbour (sat Sky View Ferris Wheel with Pearl and Uncle Brendon)...walk, walk, lunch at Laksa House in Queen Victoria Building
-walk...walk...walk, sat the monorail round the city..., walk around China Town, walk back to apartment.
- walk to Darling Harbour for dinner at Blue Fish (Darling Harbour).
- walk, walk, walk...and had NZ ice cream...Lime Sorbet!
- went to the Casino...then walk back to apartment... and ZZZZ.

- Ee Poh and Uncle Brendon drove us to The Three Sisters at Echo Point.
- Had lunch at Katoomba Kebab & Cafe.
- Went up to Mount. Wilson, went it Sefton Cottage Garden.
- Drove back to apartments...We almost got lost... but thanks to the GPS and me (the GPS’s helper) and everyone in the car...we reached our destination.
- Rest awhile...and continue walking round the city..and back... (on the way back, Uncle Brandon put an angpow on the TREE at China Town...lol..everyone looked at us pulak!...lol betul)

- walk again...went to the market (look, look, see, see...) then went around to buy souvenirs, took train around and stopped at Harbour.
- Had lunch at Vagabond Cruises.
- Sydney Opera House here we come!!! Lol.
- jalan back...had dinner at apartment...(bought Mud Cake, den uncle Brendon went to buy some KFC)

22December 2007
-Off to Canberra. Around 3 to 4 hours journey. Went to Ee Poh’s house.
- Unpack stuff.
- Mom and sister followed Ee Poh to the market to get some fruits. I was at home supposedly studying...but end up snoring. Lol.
- Anyways, when they come back..i was still sleeping. They woke me up...then we went to the back of Ee Poh’s house to see kangaroos. Wah! Damn a lot of kangaroos behind her house. But aiya...i forgot to take my camera that time.cuz just woke up..den blur blur.
- They prepared dinner. Ee Poh, mom, Mei Ling, and Pearly did the cooking. Uncle Brendon and dad BBQ. I...do...what ar?...AHA! i do mesh potatoes!!!
- Dinner. Chit-chat..borek –borek.
- walk the dog...walk around the housing area there to see Christmas lights the houses put up. :D
-came back...Dessert time! Mei Ling did apple strudel with ice cream.

- Pump petrol then head off to Fokuang Shan Nan Tien Temple. (took around 2 hours plus)
- Reached and had picnic there! (dinner’s left-overs).
- Round the temple...pray.
- Off to Fitzroy Falls at Morton National Park.
- Dinner at a the Jerra (Fine Asian Cuisine) near Ee Poh’s house.

-Went to a shopping mall (alar...forgot the name ade)... bought some stuff.
- Went over to Bunnings Warehouse to see some hardware stuff...(damn big la Bunnings!- lots of DIY stuff, wood, gardening stuff..etc.)
- Before going to Telstar Tower, we stopped at a park for a nice view of the lake. Then we went up to the tower.
- At Telstar Tower ( Aussie’s Telekom)...we get a good view of the whole Canberra. 360°. There’s even the highest post box up there.
- Went to Tak Kee Roast Inn for lunch...they eat duck la..i eat noodle.
- After that went to the Parliament House. It’s so WOW! Damn nice architecture. Reminds me of Putrajaya...lol (yea, it seems that the whole idea of Putrajaya came up was because of the influence of Canberra (they do not have high-rise buildings in Canberra). Uncle Brandan explained to us about the Parliament House and everything about it.
- Came out of the Parliament House and went round to look at embassies.
- Went back home and prepare for Christmas Eve dinner.
- They cooked, mom did the flowers, I made the fruit punch and lay the table.
- Dinner with my family, Ee Poh and Uncle Brendon, Mei Ling and Lisa.
- Ee Poh’s neighbour’s came over...their kids very cute la.. like Hansel and Gretel. XD
- Our turn to open our presents!!!
- Dush...ZzzzZzzZ.

- round Canberra...the bush land etc...Lucky day for Chin Chin..(he get to go out with us!)
-We wanted to try our luck see is the Canberra Deep Space Communication Complex was open anot la..but...haih..it was closed.
- went round...to Cotter Dam Reserve.
-Had picnic at a park near the lake.
- Home..dinner...Zzzz

- Went shopping. (after Christmas MONSTER sale~ but aiks..convert to our money ade oso same la...lol)
- Went to Heritage Nursery to get a plant for Ee Poh’s friend.
- National Museum of Australia was next.[+] It’s one of the most modern building found in Canberra. Abstract architecture. Lots to see in there. Had lunch there after that.
- Went over to the War Memorial Museum. Nice~ lots of memorial stuff...history of wars (old and new), yea i love the Discovery Zone ( interactive zone..where i became the pilot of the helicopter, experience the surroundings of a submarine, etc) They have a closing ceremony at the end of the day (everyday) where there’s a bagpiper who plays the bagpipe.
- Home..dinner..zzzz

Chin Chin’s lucky day out again...
- Passed-by a very crafty kinda town. Went in Bungendore Wood Works Gallery (damn nice wood work in there!) and an antique and papercraft shop. =D
- Reached Blue Mountains! Had their famous Fish and Chips! Umm..ho ciak! Yea...and the oysters..oh my! At the 3 Fish Cafe...jalan-jalan. Had an ice cream.
- Went up to another artsy town, Mogo. Look around and back home we go! On the way back was very misty till like u can’t see the cars in front and all... We stopped at another town on the way back. Saw these 2 people plucking plumps so we kaypoed...and they gave us each one. YAY! Went to the church after that.
- Went to Woolsworth to grab some stuff before going back home for dinner.

stayed at home. The ONLY day with no photos AT ALL! And i mean it! Lol.
what did i do...i wonder? Oh! Yes...woke up damn late and was like lunch then I “studied” Psychology ( a chapter or 2) till i sleep again...woke up prepare for dinner..and watch tv...etc.

Mei Ling took us out to a mall, had lunch at Hog’s Breath Cafe. Lol. After that bought some Krispy Kreme doughnuts back home. Laze around at home. Went for dinner at Hellenic Club. And played at the Casino for so-called awhile la.lol. and yea...after that balik tidor.

woke up at 6. Saw hot air balloons on the way to the bus station. Bus at 7am to Sydney. We took Murrays bus to the airport. And flew back to KL...
Had mocha, cappuccino, and latte while waiting. Oh yea...forgot. Bought an iPod Nano 5 minutes before boarding the plane and it was like last call ade...lol. Got a watch too. =D (cuz i thought about it that OMG! I got gifts for everyone except myself...lol) anyways..Saw Jimmy Choo at the airport :D while we wait for the airport limo to go back home.


The best part about Canberra's places of interest is that photography is allowed anywhere! (even in the building etc...but ahem..maybe some place cannot la..but most of the places can :D)

Yea, That’s it! Took around 3000 over photos. So had a DAMN difficult time to choose which to be developed. Developed around 440 pictures and took them from the shop a few days back. YAY! AND....and... also HAD a really F time choosing photos for this blog...cuz i couldn't upload all of'em..so i decided to merge all the photos according to the dates. GEEZ...
Next time who wanna go ask me ar. I can follow you guys...and be tour guide ade. Lol!

#special thanks to Ee Poh and Uncle Brendon for the wonderful stay in Aussie.

P/S: Guess this blog is the 1st blog with the most words from me. geez... they're words, man! lol.

With love,


Felicia said...

I wanna see the pictures! It has been 6 years since I set foot at the down under...yikes.. time flies..

Good to have some family get together eh? I wished I had an aunt who lives overseas. Well.. wait.. I think i do. haha.

More picture time in Bali! :D

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Jade said...

yea..time really flies... YA! family time! :D

ok..now, BALI here we COME!!!! YAYNESS!!!!

Krispy Kreme :D...but i think big apple oso nice ade...KK is a bit too sweet.
Nano :D :D...u'll get urself an iPod classic soon..don't worry la!

May Hsia said...

I wanna go BALI

Jade said...

>may hsia
come fly with me...lets fly, lets fly~ no worries, mich...i'll go on behalf of u!