Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Fresh New Start!

AHA! SEMESTER 3 starts!
There were PR and Consumer Behaviour classes today.
Class as usual but PR we're with DMC04,05,06. Was Ms Su's class and she thought i was in Student Council and was telling me i had missed a whole lot of fun by not going to Pangkor! lol.NVM. :D i guess i did anyway..long time didn't go Pangkor ade. hmmm...
According to Ms May, Consumer Behaviour has got alot to do with Psychology...so well, yeah!

Oh yea, ASSIGNMENTS ARE BACK! and i should not blog so much anymore!!!

OK! leave that awhile...let's go jalan!

Jalan-jalan after class at 1U!
Went to Diva! SALE....and Pam went crazy with it! bought lots of stuff~
Went to McD to get ice creams and fries...and went over to KFC to try the new burger.
Photos again..and there was this little boy who keeps on looking at us..when we took our photos... *camwhoring*...LOL! (so i decided to put my camera the other side shooting the boy, while mich's camera shoot ourselves)

# Azian was not with us... :'( She's at the hospital!!! miss u gal! take care!

With love,