Monday, February 6, 2012

my Android medley

17 December 2011
Jedi on Jetstar. Akl-Sin
19 December 2011
Durian.. Nom nom..

Jetty, Penang
Lunch with mom.
 26 December 2011.
Damansara Jaya
Brunch with Jee Kuan, Myra and Ben. 
25 December 2011.At azian's wedding, Shah Alam

Thanks, Mich for this! ♥
30 December 2011
Woots.. Woots.. Da sister in d houz!
5 January 2012
Me Happy Meal breakfast at KLIA.
Jedi + January at KLIA
 11 January 2011
Bangkok restaurant with SIFE Wisdom
15 January 2011
Wild at Heart, Wellington with Hock.
23 January 2012
Egg rolls, mutan tea, n jackie chan's police story. Happy cny!
 One day on K road.
Love how they still preserve the heritage of the building.

29 January 2012
Great catch up with you guys! 
with Afra, Akbar, Dita and Anand.
 31 January 2012
The land of the long white clouds...good morning!
 YUM! The Alaskan Fish Bites are out! My photo is now on the new packaging. Wuhuu! :)
5 February 2012
Auckland Art Gallery

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