Sunday, February 27, 2011

oh! i designed these?

I think I did not post these 2 designs of mine before.
Both of them are my college works during Visual Communication in 2009.

The first is a product illustration. I drawed "Flower by Kenzo". 
This was a class work on 'blending' colours using Illustrator.
The bottom is an A1 typography piece of Hilary Duff. 
The whole piece was filled with Hilary's lyrics.
It took me around a month to complete it.
Oh, gawd! Please don't remind me of the sleepless nights to complete this. lol.

But I'm proud with my works!
I'm not too sure if I still remember how to do all these. hmm...

With love,


dyra said...

OMG Jade, wat ar u doing.
This are superb okay!!!!!!

Again, fantastic nya

Jade¬ said...

woots, dyra!!! thanks! :)
long time no see!

Anonymous said...

I really like your post. Will continue reading your blog. :)

Jade¬ said...

Hey YOU! Thanks for liking this post and for dropping-by my blog.
Glad you like it! Have a good day.

Jade¬ said...

Hi Asim,
Thank you! :)