Wednesday, January 5, 2011

today, i painted

“beyond” by Jade Lim
January 2, 2011
15 x 15 cm | Mixed Medium on Canvas

Mom always reminds me;
that every cloud has a silver lining.

things just don’t go our way.
things are beyond our control.
Whatever happens… happens.

 “dear life” by Jade Lim
January 2, 2011
15 x 15 cm | Poster paints on Canvas

Today I woke up
and I realized that how time flies.

Dear 2010;
A year of change.

Of struggles and triumphs,
Of limits and freedom,
It was a total sweet as experience for me.

Dear 2011;
I know time flies, but I am the pilot.
So, Adventure…here I come!

With love,


BrianC said...

Good job on the paintings... I like the color choices.

Jade¬ said...

thanks, brian! ;)

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it was a nice painting i like it.

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Marshall Lynch said...

your good in painting.i like your works.
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