Monday, October 18, 2010

it's DEGREES not gegrees!

I saw the competition in Debate by AUSM the other day.
Since i was online that time, i was like,
"hmm.. why not? i might get lucky!"
we're supposed to tweet,
"I'll use the 2degrees E5 router to..."
ok, i just realized that i have a spelling error in my tweet. roflmao.
2gegrees. oops! sorry, it's 2DEGREES! :)

and today i saw this on my Twitter! :)
WUUHUU! thanks AUSM and 2Degrees!

see! i'm fated to be connected and tell the world about the E5!
more updates on the E5 after my exams, through the E5
ok wish me luck for my exams now!

Thanks AUSM and 2degrees! :)

With love,