Friday, September 3, 2010

I'm keenage! :)

i saw @grab_one 's update on twitter:
"Anyone for 1 of 30 GrabOne "prototype" T-shirts by Mr Vintage.
Email: saying
"I'm keenage" & I'll try hook it up ^Cam"

i did and the next thing is i've got a mail,
and it made my day today.
Thank you, GrabOne! :)

And the moral of the story is...
follow GrabOne on twitter.

With love,


Jen said...

Hi Jade, this is awesome! we love what you've done and would like to include your picture on our blog post we're publishing about the t-shirts. Is it cool with you if we use it?

Jade¬ said...

Hi Jen, Yes. I'm happy to let you guys use the picture.
;) mind to just insert a credit? :)