Thursday, April 8, 2010

am actually hungry

2 shots n a glass of wine.
that's the end of the house party.
now everyone's out to the foam party n m at home.
clearing up my stuff, researching, folding clothes, and packing ma bags.
need to go off from the house at 5.30am and catch ma plane.
oh gawd! why m i not excited?

before this, got a call at 1.30pm for a meeting at 2pm.
meeting ended at around 6pm.
came back. helped them to back cup cakes for tmr's tea party.
(which sadly, i can't join)
was up and down from my place and theirs.
yv cooked dinner for me too!
the best chinese meal i had so far here. lol.
thanks! :)
went down, mingle, had some drinks and ok m back to my busy mode now..

P/S: i'm hungry now :(

With love,