Monday, December 21, 2009

to err is human,

to forgive divine?

wrote this on my notebook on:
4.28pm. cloudy.
North-South Highway. Malaysia.
on my way back to Penang.

A month ago- As i was washing the plates while my mom
wiped them after dinner, she told me a story about a friend
whom she'd known for around two decades... again.
(i'm like her i guess, i tend to repeat runs in the blood)

It's a story I've heard for many times.
I don't know if it's others who look at her in a way (okay, a bad one)
or she has her reasons and her own stories to begin with.

I don't know.
But all i could remember was these lines by my mom,
"Who are we to judge others?
Everyone has their own weakness."

It's like what Zinedine Zidane once said,
"I would like it to end differently. But I'm human. I reacted."

we, humans have our weakness.
we, humans reacted.
we, humans make mistakes.
do we, humans forgive?

With love,


mkhalidibrahim said...

i like this one jade! :)
well said.

Jade¬ said...

u make some wonderful things happen, and they'll praise u for a day and then, forget all about it.
but if u were to make a mistake, AHA!
it will last until the person dies.

that's a fact!