Friday, June 26, 2009

GLOW day out

20 June 2009.
saturday. one day after camerons.

Kenny Rogers for lunch with Glow inc.

mich got us these...

LOVE YA, mich! :) it very much.

next, Glow babes went for Hannah Montana.
i really love the movie.
my first time watching hannah montana.

i love this song very much.
and i dedicate this song to my Glow babes.

With love,


theuptownlife said...

i cannot believe you guys went for the movie; my other friends would die before buying the tix. I guess I'm stuck in the Hannah world- I adore Miley and the song. ahha..


Jade¬ said...

yeah...i love "The Climb".

i can almost see it..that dream i'm dreaming... :)