Tuesday, May 26, 2009

woooo....too many updates.

so, here's abit of everything.

1. Launch of Unreason "100 Ideas to Change Malaysia"
8th May 2009. Urbanattic, Capsquare, KL.
was invited by Mike. Thank you!
went there with ding.
check it out at unreason.my

2. Photoshoot of "Agensi Yang Aktif Dalam
Anugerah Media Massa Pendermaan Organ"
from the Ministry of Health, Malaysia
11th May 2009. IACT.
we got IACT the award.
it's from IAA65/66's Sem 4 IMC
National Transplant Resource Center (NTRC) project.

3. Ms Jenny's Farewell Party from IAA65/66
9th May 2009. Good Evening Bangkok, 1U
around 25 people came! =)
had our thai food and we showed her the video from all of us.

4. Jee Kuan's birthday!
16th May 2009. Olé Olé Bali, Sunway Pyramid.
wuuhuu..finally, she was surprise to see me there! 
cuz i said i'll be busy till early june. XP
love the candles on her cake! lol.

5. 2-AID's After Event House Party.
to celebrate our success of our event! :)
23rd May 2009. Prav's crib.
went to tesco with su, anita, yv, ching before the dinner. 
went over to his house to prepare and
TADA! our steamboat dinner is YUMMY!
played 007 and losers finish up the food.

6. CREACTIVE farewell for 4 of us. Anita, Ching, Yv and I.
WUuuhhhuUU! thank u CREACTIVE very much for everything!
24th May 2009. Red Box, Gardens.
- karaoke with them. 
- i've got a photo album from Creactive.
- went bowling at 1U with the whole gang after that.

7. Joshua Ding's 21st BBQ party.
24th May 2009. Ding's residence.
happy birthday!!!
as usual, makan and drink.

...and after his party went yum cha with ryan n u-jinn and ching.

With love,