Saturday, November 15, 2008

some of my short stories~

wokeh...been very busy lately.
so now, i'm gonna bring u through a glimpse of what i've been up to recently.

here goes...

1. Café Café
This dinner at Café Café was with Teck, his mentor and the gang! i was some kinda 'mak tumpang' cuz i wanted to see the restaurant which i've heard about it some time back...
You can check out the restaurant's website here.

2. H Factor
ok..i went to this event with Andrew, Pam, Teck, Albert, Chloe, Clement, Susanna and Kenneth. see for urself what is it all about here.

pizza for dinner...

3. Bijou Bazaar @ Eco Film 2008
beli-belah time with my sis and vun fang. den makan at KLCC....
yeah! it's Bijou!

4. another Sunday gone~
last sunday...BOYS DAY OUT! (lol) ok...AND A GAL!
fetch teck, andrew and alwi..den we went for lunch at Carls Jr. den movie..Bangkok Dangerous...den archade...den lepak awhile..den dinner..den ek and ding joined yea~

we met EVA!!!!!!!

With love,