Thursday, February 28, 2008

Singles' Night Out!

5 Girls.
4 da sake of FRIENDSHIP.
3 Races.

1 Power, GIRL POWER!

Here's the story,
- After class at 6, we went to Village Park for dinner.
- Go over to Pam's house to mandi and stuff.
- Went to Somo to meet Sum Yang Hor.
(LOL...that's how u pronuce it! think deeper and u'll get a nice one)
- Had Tequila Sunrise. Played Truth or Dare.
[ Azian- star jump!, Jade- yum seng!, Pam- waiter's cap, Marcia- dance with Alex, Mich- lap dance with Eugene, Sam Yang Hoe-marry me? ]
At first there we only the 5 of us, came Sam Yang Hor, and Alexendria then Shamyl and Alex. Justin and Eugene were there for our dares! lol...

The Girls with Sam Yang Hor

mich and i

azian and i

pam and i

marcia and i

teck seng and i

shawn and i
ok, after Somo, we went to Raw.
hmm.. was ok la..
and here's Marcia's favourite!
DANCE! DANCE! babeh~
Teck Seng, Hanif and Shawn went there too.
yea..they dance...
Sam Yang Hor is a great dancer!!!
Marcia is one too!
so is Azian, Pam and MIch!!
They dance and i jz dance a tiny lil'bit...then my CAMERA's out!

after that, went yum cha...and balik la.
slept at around 5...hugging Sophea's teddy! thank you Sophea!

With love,


Felicia said...

oooo... never seen that side of you yet. :D

Shiaa said...

NICE PIC JADE!!!!!!!!!!!

sassydarling said...

SUM YOUNG HOr!!!! oh man.. I still laugh! & laughing again! hahahha.. PICTURES.. AWESOME! kiss.kiss..

sassydarling said...

when i look again at all pics... the pic u and pam.. does remind me to Alicia Keys! yeah man.. to others.. dun jealous!

Jade said...

> felicia
lol... Metamorphosis for a night!

> shiaa + sassydarling
LOL...SUM YANG HOR! lol...chun wei her name! yea..lots of photos!

Jazzy*Pam said...

Hello!! :D

LOVE the pics!!!
We should do this again. ;)

Jade said...

XD when we are free la..hmm..when is that gonna be? aduh~

cheh! kekek ;p