Friday, January 4, 2008

Pastasia with Melissa

17 December 2007
Lunch with Melissa at Pastasia, Queensbay.
Luckly we can make it on that day.. cuz when u come, i go...or when i come, you

oh MELISSA!!! it's very nice catching up with you.
miss you so much la...haih.. the goodól days with Wen, Chiew Nyen and Jan...and also our Milo gang!!! lol...Yoong is coming down to KL oso for Florence, she's here oso ade. :D
HA! had a great afternoon of sharing bout the difference of Malaysian and Aussie's lifestyle.
(no more kerepok lekor there

jajaja...last year was all about changes la.
of friends, of environment, of school, of food, of price, of about everything you can think of...
Things Change---but some still remains the same.

through the ups and downs...i learnt this...
We Need to be STRONG in whatever we are facing... to STAND UP everytime we fall... to learn from our accept people for who they are, how they are..... and to forgive them and ...and of course to forgive yourself.
Yes, forgiving people may be easy,
but forgiving yourself is the tough one.
Yea, think about it. Learn to forgive yourself.

Love yourself.

With love,


trinie said...

wah melissa getting more and more pretty lo ;)