Friday, November 30, 2007

FLY on land?

Need a ride back from Penang to KL or KL to Singapore...or vice versa?
Take Aeroline, the best bus service you can find to reach your destinations.

You'll get:
-a bottle of mineral water
-pillow (eh, cannot take back
-blanket (this also can't)
-breakfast (Subway) or dinner (chicken rice)
-coffee or tea

What can you find in th bus:
-single or double chairs (comfortable)
-friendly crews
-newspapers and magazines (PC, Sports, Fashion, etc...)
-HA! nice movies.
-the lower deck got table and plugs....and nice comfy chairs.

For RM55, it's definately worth your bucks.

Recommended by me.
And now, with the Aeroline Card, you can enjoy more discounts and privilages...

With love,