Sunday, May 8, 2011

SIFE NZ Training

29 and 30 April 2011
Apumoana Marae, 27 Tarawera Rd, Lynmore, Rotorua

SIFE NZ includes SIFErs from:
+ Auckland University of Technology | Auckland
+ University of Waikato | Hamilton
+ Massey University | Palmerston North
29 April 2011, Friday 
Our journey to Rotorua in Akbar's car was fun! fun!
Jackson, Afra, Dipal, Azriel were together in the car.
We were lucky to have Afra. She baked some cupcakes for us! :)
Training started: Welcome, Intro, New Judging Criteria, 
General Discussion, Formation of SIFE Alumni
Dinner! :) 
Had Vegetarian Lasagne with a Green Salad. 
Brownies and Cream for dessert!
After our meal...
Training continued...

- Kerosene Creek: hot pool

30 April 2011, Saturday
Had a warm up at the playground :)
Training continued...
 SIFE AUT went to Kiaora Japanese for lunch

And yes, we all head back to the city after that...

A big thank you to Tony and Jeremy for giving us this opportunity 
to learn more about SIFE and also to network with SIFErs from all over NZ.

With love,