Tuesday, March 29, 2011

CGL: 50 years of excellence

19 March 2011, Saturday
The CGL 50th Anniversary dinner just brings back good'ol memories.
Went there with my grandaunt, aunt, cousin and sister.
mom should have gone..but she was busy :( 
 my aunt, sis and cousin
my grandaunt's class of 69
 with Ms Gee, who gave me scholarship in high school.
Thanks again, Ms Gee! :)
 with Ms Teh and Pn Hooi
Pn Kang, Pn Pramot, Pn Hafizah and Pn Hooi
 with Sze Ming
sis with no-ruler-no-future teacher!  
Pn Gan and Ms Leong
sis with Pn Mok
with Melissa's sister, Madeline
 the girls with Pn Lim Li Li
Nicol David didn't manage to come for the event.. but she did a lil' clip for the school, as well as put her squash racquet up for auction.

class of 2006
the bunch with some teachers
us with Pn Lilian
 with Pn Su and Pn Lee
with Ms Gee and Mrs Oh
daughters and their mom
 mom's class, 4 Arts 1, class of 1976.
mom was sitting beside Sister Aidan Fitzgerald.
she was Sister Aidan's assistant in class! lol.
 kaypo from generation to generation.
i got it from my mom!

With love,