Monday, February 7, 2011

we meet. we eat.

25 January 2011, Tuesday
Austin Chase with Shafiq and Corinne
Shafiq introduced his Tégo Card Game to me :)
He and his bros are the guys behind this game!
Does Tara Truno look like me? lol.

26 January 2011, Wednesday
Bowling @ Sunshine with Justin and Jonathan

one of the days...
had lunch with che and mom at Jalan Tengah, Penang.
Spicy and Sour Soup Noodle
 Kong Pou rice.
(some chinese chicken rice...quite similar to black pepper)
 had roti canai and my milo tarik another day

31 January 2011, Monday
Had a great night with Yoong, Florence, Ee Wei, Qian Yi, Kijade, Shi Minh, Joycelyn, Denise, Su Ting, Kitt Yeng, Jonathan, Ting En, and Ian.

Had steamboat then Pictionary and Charades! :)

 With love,