Tuesday, February 15, 2011

smiles on their faces

12 February 2011, Saturday | 10th day of CNY
Lions Club of George Town Mutiara organized a CNY dinner for the old folks at the Penang Home for the Inform and Aged.

I can see smiles on their faces today. A couple of them actually told me that they really enjoyed themselves very much and think that they are blessed :)

This reminds me of this year's Petronas CNY commercial which was directed by Tan Yew Leong, husband of the late Yasmin Ahmad.

With love,


TheJessicat said...

WAAAHHH SO MULIAAA BABE!! go do all this charity stuff :P

Jade¬ said...

it's in the blood.
lol.. i followed my dad and his lions club la.. just helping out. :)

BusinessKata said...

Nice help with charity!