Saturday, January 22, 2011

who says it's the last goodbye?

20 January 2011, Thursday
mt eden for sunset and burger fuel with Akbar
he said, "this will be your last sunset."
and i said, "no! i'll be back."
(and i think this is actually my first sunset up at mt eden)
 after dinner we saw something hock is deeply in love with. lol

21 January 2011, Friday
kampung style farewell with Akbar and Hock
we had the best nasi briyani in nz...
and yes, it's like for the whole kampung
for the first time in my life, i had nasi briyani..kampung style at the airport!
lol.. thank you, akbar and hock! :)
... goodbye auckland, i'll see you soon!

And here's the first sunset i saw in malaysia. 15mins before landing at KLIA.

 With love,


sleeper said...

beautiful~~ very nice activity.

should carry out more.

Jade¬ said...

lol.. yea, man! :)