Thursday, January 20, 2011

covo at fort street

My friends and I referred to this place as our COVO
our meeting place, our safe heaven, our living room. 

as i still can't decide what to eat...
*a monologue*~ "pasta or pizza?"

the italian: take the pasta, it's fresh.
jade: so, your pizza is not fresh?
the italian: no no.. the pizza is from ...1960-something.

ended up i took their specialty.
can't remember the name but it has something to do with prawns.
According to Google translate, "covo" means,
1. den
2. lair
3. nest
4. haunt
5. earth

But according to us, it's a place for us to have our "LAST DINNER" *.
1. 19 January 2011, Wednesday
2. have a safe flight, Bryan.
3. have a safe flight, Jade. (roflmao)
anyway, the food at covo is delicious authentic italian. 
just that it's cook by a japanese who speaks japanese and italian.
but it's awesomo!
A MUST EAT is their chocolate souffle | $10  
it's  one of the best desserts i had in nz.

 With love,