Sunday, December 19, 2010


The Aboriginal name of Perth is Mooro.
From Auckland to Sydney to Perth.
After 10 months of not seeing my family...I met them there.
Perth, it's not such a boring place after all.

my family came from malaysia together with
aunty dorothy and aunty emily
we all stayed at ee poh's (grand aunt's) place

5 December 2010, Sunday

6 December 2010, Monday
- Dropped Zac and Caitlin to school.

- And off we went head south to Albany (approx. 4 hours drive to south)
- Picnic at Williams'.

- Lunch at The Bretzel.


- The Sandalwood factory.


- Checked into Havana Villas at Albany.

- Gap and Natural Bridge, Torndirrup National Park

- Blowholes, Torndirrup National Park

- Desert Mounted Corps Memorial.

7 December 2010, Tuesday
- Denmark.
- Bartholomews Meadery (Honey centre).

- Toffee Factory.

- Valley of the Giants where we did the 'Ancient Empire'.

- Lunch at Pemberton.

- Gloucester Tree (my sis and i climbed up 61m to the top of the tree).
*it's worth the climb.

- on the way we stopped at a fruits' wholesaler.

- back to the city @ Tak Chee House with hong-hong koko

- Caitlin's graduation @ Good Shepherd Catholic School.

8 December 2010, Wednesday
- lunch at Kim, Marangroo Drive

- Sorrento Quay, Hillarys Boat Harbour

- back to ee poh's house
 and here's chin chin

- michael's place for dinner

 9 December 2010, Thursday
- met up with Celine che che and Chantrea
- Black Swan Winery and Restaurant for lunch

- Yahava Koffee Works


- Chocolate Factory

- Houghton Wine Tasting and Gallery

- Mondo Nougat

- Alfred chek chek's house for dinner with the family

 10December 2010, Friday
- Fremantle

- lunch at Cicerello's
- walk around Fremantle 

- Kings Park and Botanic Garden

- back home and off to airport heading to Melbourne after that.

dear ee poh and uncle brendan, 
thank you very much for the 
place to stay and for the whole trip in perth.
and also thank you for
my 21st birthday, graduation and xmas presents!
love them.

already missing you both, zac and caitlin.
will see you soon.
 With love,