Sunday, December 19, 2010

cheers to us!

And yes, it's time for us to celebrate!
To us, GRADUATES- Class of February, 2010: AUT

Bachelor of Business, Majoring in Advertising and Marketing
Alia Ibrahim, Bryan Teng, Jade Lim, Jill Wong, Justin Tham, 
Keith Columbus, Vivien Toh and Wei Jun

Bachelor of Communications, Majoring in Public Relations
Reema Bhullar

We had our graduation dinner at Occidental at Vulcan Lane 
together with Denise, Jae Shen and Jennifer.
good food, awesome environment, great people.

to my flatmate, Reema, thank you for the 
joy you bring in our apartment!

Good job, team!
thanks, Alia for the support and everything you did for me.
yes, we made it through!

to the friends i know the longest in Auckland, Justin and Bryan.
it's been 4 years since i met you guys from IACT.
thanks for always being around when i need you guys!

 to Keith, thanks for the being part of the Muhibbah
journey down to Coromandel.

thank you, Jill for everything and also the mussels! ;p

to the ever supportive couple...
a big thank you, Denise and Jae Shen for everything!

and to our dear Jennifer, you rock and we all love you! :)
thanks, hun for being there!
I had Chicken Vol-au-Vent for dinner. 
it's chicken, mushroom and leeks cooked in a 
creamy white sauce served in a puff pastry 
case on roasted baby potatoes.
it's delicious, seriously! :)

Went to invito at chancery for drinks after dinner.
thanks to invito for the perfect environment!
it's been our favourite hang-out spot for the past couple of months.

to tears and laughter, 
to exams and road trips,
to friendship, and to long lasting friendship,
cheers to us!

this chapter ends here,
and a whole new chapter begins now...

With love,