Thursday, November 18, 2010


Muhibbah is a word derived from an Arabic word. In English, it means 'goodwill'. According to the Malaysian concept, 'muhibbah' means respecting and tolerating the different customs, traditions, religions, and values of other races. No matter what, in laughter or tears, we'll always be there for each other.

theMubibbah is a road trip of four friends from Malaysia, studying in Auckland, New Zealand to a few places in the North island of New Zealand.
We went south, heading to Coromandel.

Melayu/Malay: Alia
Cina/Chinese: Jade
India/Indian: Keith
Dan lain-lain/Others: Reema

Nissan Sunny| FCP525

8 November 2010, Monday
The journey begins.
The drive from Auckland to Thames.
the drive was windy, but the view was awesome!
And we reached Coromandel!
And here's Waiau Falls...
Next, we head to Long Bay Beach...
 Went back to Coromandel town for fish and chips! :)
it's not bad..
our room was called, 'the great white cabin'.

 9 November 2010, Tuesday
Breakfast at the deli.
 oh! did the drive to Hot Water Beach was 'oh-so-fun'!
the road and the tall trees around!
aha! we stopped in the middle and took photos! ;p
Oh! And here's the Hot Water Beach!
Off to Cathedral Cove next!
this is the place where they filmed Narnia :)
Gemstone Bay @ Cathedral Cove
...and we continued our drive to Matamata

 10 November 2010, Wednesday
our first beach of the day was Piha
and off we went over north to Orewa...

With love,