Thursday, November 18, 2010

a blend

SIFE AUT: Road to LA
20 September 2010, Monday
KPMG Viaduct
SIFE AUT's final presentation to business leaders, academic leaders, and student leaders of NZ before heading to LA in October.

Judges were from Vodafone, Yellow, Coca Cola Amatil, SIFE NZ Chairman, SublimeNZ, Orion Health, Minter Ellison, Senztek, R U Marketing Ltd, SIFE Alumni

 23 September 2010, Thursday
mooncake festival
with love form penang! xoxo
24 September 2010, Friday
Alexandra Park Raceway

Horse racing and live auction.
Brought to you by Arnott's
In support of Cure Kids.
Cure Kids (previously Child Health Research Foundation) was established over 30 years ago to address the lack of research into life-threatening childhood illnesses in New Zealand.
Chloe was interning at Arnott's and they organized a horse race and live auction to raise funds for Cure Kids. I helped to photograph the event.

It was my first horse race and auction event. 
Thanks, Chloe and Arnott's for the experience! :)

SIFE AUT: Sustain Me
28 September 2010, Tuesday
Ideas for A Sustainable Future

Pete Russel- Ooooby
Malcom Rands- Ecostore
Rachel Brown- Sustainable Business Network
Jennifer Kerr-Sustainable Living NZ
Raewyn Lucich- Trade Aid

*was having class at that time. sorry but i only manage to take photos on the last hour.*

SIFE AUT: Proactiv
 29 September 2010, Wednesday

Interviews with top employers from ASB, Millennium Hotel, AMP, H2R, Burger King, KPMG, Speedy Signs, Sublime NZ, CAANZ

Workshops each on:
- Body Language
- Networking Skills
1 October 2010, Friday
coffee at No. 1 coffee and dinner at Mexcali 
with Reema and Alia
10 October 2010, Sunday 
birthday brunch with Hafriz at Stables
5 November 2010, Friday
Portofino, Mission Bay with Keith, Jennifer, Reema and Keith
7 November 2010, Sunday
- Giapo and "earth from above" exhibition with Denise n Jae Shen
- my birthday dinner at our crib
 14 November 2010, Sunday
  tennis and soccer at Mt Eden and basketball at Three Kings with Ali1, Ali 2 and Zyen

With love,