Wednesday, October 6, 2010


Flying across continents. 
Climbing mountains. 
Swimming across the oceans. 

No matter what it takes, our crew may even dig graves 
to get hold of the latest information and opportunities 
to win over the game with you! 

It is an honour for us to go through 
the journey of discovery with you in making your brand shine!

At in.form we believe in bringing out the best in you!
our agency, in.form
consist of Amy, Alia, Olivia and Jade.
we 'pitched' for 'burger fuel' (as our 'imagery' client).
we suggested a repositioning of their brand. 

i had my advertising strategy final presentation.
it was awesome!
i feel that this was one of my best presentations.
our lecturer and everyone were really impressed with our work!

i really can say that what drives us is the
seriously, if you love what you're doing, 
and believe in every little piece of it,
you're the winner!

yes, it's all about the

P/S: again, i was inspired by Kevin Carroll's 
"Rules of the Red Rubber Ball"

With love,