Monday, July 5, 2010

no money. no phone.

it was around 11am.
just came back from breakfast at alia's crib.
stayed over for argentina vs germany and spain vs paraguay.
to the gym i went.
30 minutes.


off i went to myers park.
all alone in the playground.
i sat on the swing.

started to swing.

saw DDB° in front.
heard the birds chirping.
felt the cold winds...
and the rain fell onto my face.

oh! how i love the serenity in the park!
i sat there for a good 10 minutes,
while the rain still pours.

walked back.

towards my apartment.
almost walked into my apartment,
but i paused.
i've changed my mind.

lucky me.
someone just poured a bucket of water from above.
if i'm 3 steps faster.
and i were to walk towards my apartment,
aha!  i'll be the 'one'.

continued my walk.
and down to queen street.
i walked.
an indian guy cam from behind and started talking to me.
he asked if i know where to grab the train from.
i told him i have no clue and suggested him to go to britomart.

he continued to follow me.
asked me to go for coffee with him.
as i have only my keys and a bottle of water with me,
i asked him for the time.
and i was like OH-MY-GOD!

he still insisted that i join him for a  cuppa.
but nahhhh!! too bad, not a hottie!

i bid him adieu and head the opposite direction.

With love,