Saturday, July 10, 2010

fish to falls and rawr to lol

28 June 2010, Monday 
Potluck with Liyana, Alia, + Reema @ our crib
30 June 2010, Wednesday 
Mt Eden with Ali
*i didn't bring my tripod along :(  
(click to enlarge each panos)

1 July 2010, Thursday
Auckland Zoo 
with Justin, Jill, Bryan + Debbie

2 July 2010, Friday
Hunua Falls + Kaiaua Fisheries
roadtrip to the falls with ali 1, ali 2, cam, noor, hassan, reema

ok, ALI got his car keys locked in the car.
thank God a policeman happened to pass by...
and helped us :)

7 July 2010, Wednesday
Voyager New Zealand Maritime Museum
with Yv and Reema
lunch at The Mexican Cafe
coffee with Alia at No.1 Queen St Café and Bar
8 July 2010, Thursday
Roadtrip up north with Yv and Reema

- Langs Beach
(click photo to enlarge pano)
- Waipu Cove
 (click photo to enlarge pano)

- Ruakaka

- Whangarei Riverside + lunch at Mokaba

- Claphams National Clock Museum

- Whangarei falls
 (click photo to enlarge pano)

- Whangarei Lookout
with yv, reema, vouis
- KK, malaysian food @ Manukau Road
some sambal veggie, rendang chicken, marmite pork

- Circus @ mt eden for desserts

9 July 2010, Friday
The Meridian Season of Carmen by the Royal NZ Ballet
with Denise @ Aotea Centre 

With love,