Friday, June 25, 2010

please don't stop the rain

iTunes on random mode.
current song, James Morrison's Please Don't Stop The Rain.
Sky Tower can barely be seen from my study desk.
it's raining.
raining and raining...the whole morning.

A 9.5/10 for my MBR peer evaluation.
after uni, i head to the photo shop to get my developed photos.
i'm going to send the Somali kids i met in Wellington their photos.

the thing is they're not sure of their address.
but no matter what, i'm going to try my luck to send it to them.
and pray it reaches them sefely.

will be a lazy Friday for me.
writing a letter to the kids.
drinking green tea.
reading Deepak Chopra's
Seven Spiritual Laws of Success.
lazing around... Tumblring.

With love,