Wednesday, May 5, 2010

my observation: 002

- a guy holding a Coke can.
- 2 friends listening to music from an iPod.
- boyfriend holding girlfriend's handbag.
- 50-something lady in heels walk super slow.
- gal drinking coffee.
- guy holding a McD drink.
- old chinese lady with blue leggings and sports shoe.
- guy carrying baby on the back.
- 'beetle' looking guy.
- korean gal texting.
- prof dumbledore look-alike.
- a guy holding Dunkin's munchkins.
- guy with yellow shades.
- indian fella eating ice cream.
- guy with suit walking like a bullet train.
- a boy kissing mom before they part.
- old chinese men pushing a bike.
- a gal with a Country Road bag, like Jas.
- a fella holding Starbucks on one hand and another holding his gal.
- worried looking gal holding her file and calculator.
- guy opening window from bus and throwing rubbish out.
- obama look-alike in hoodie.

these are people walking pass me over my lunch at 
Wendy's Queen's Street, Auckland.
1.25-1.45pm, 31 March 2010 (Tuesday)

With love,